Our Public Resources have been formulated over 20 years of professional experience and public advocacy in Colorado’s end of life care industry.

You will find useful information such as:

“Helping You Through” -- our semi-weekly blog, which answers common questions and concerns about end of life care from people all over the country.

“End of Life Insights: Colorado” -- End of Life Insights: Colorado is the only handbook for end of life care in Colorado.

“End of Life Insights' Consumer Guide & Funeral Planning Workbook" -- Whether you are planning your own end of life care, or making arrangements for a loved one, we can help you make the most informed decisions possible – guiding you to the specific resources available State by State, throughout the USA.

“Surviving a Loss During the Holidays” -- The Holiday Season can be the most difficult time of the year for grieving families. Surviving a Loss During the Holidays is a free brochure to help you deal with your grief, as well as helping you help your own friends and family who are in the midst of their own grieving.

The Grief & Loss Network -- we’ve created online support groups for people experiencing a number of types of loss. We’ve made it possible for people to share photos, videos, and to create online memorials for their loved ones that can be shared with family and friends. You can join for free at griefandloss.ning.com.

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