Martha L. Thayer - Founder of End of Life Insights

As a funeral director and college instructor earning continuing education credit each year to maintain my certification, I can honestly write that I have been through some horribly long presentations, while listening to boring speakers trying to educate me on irrelevant topics. Thankfully though, I have also listened to dynamic speakers, with fascinating topics, all the while wishing I could get just another hour or two of information on the topic.

The educational units at End of Life Insights are designed to be dynamic, timely, and cover a multitude of topics. You won’t be selecting from the typical OSHA and government regulated issues which everyone offers, or be forced to participate in re-writes of topics you already studied of college. Instead you’ll be going on a virtual visit of the Imperial Tombs of China, may watch a funeral pyre on the Ganges River, or learn about the ancient Mayan afterlife, where the cause of death determined where the soul would reside for eternity. We will also timely topics like mentoring employees to increase retention in high burn out death related fields, and the real risk to those handling radioactive human remains.

I look forward to learning with you, and from you.