Grief & Grieving

Reaching Out During the Holidays

Do you have a friend or neighbor who lost a loved one this year? Knowing this can be a very hard time of year for them can make it all the more difficult to know how to reach out. Here are a few gift ideas to let them know that you remembered.

I grew up close a German town in Michigan called Frankenmuth. We used to go there for wonderful food and shopping, Christmas shopping. I remember walking through the store Bonner’s, the world’s largest Christmas store in awe, even in July! Here are a few feature memorial items on their site:

This ornament allows for free personalization. Click on the picture to link to the order page and see an example of the personalization.


This ornament is great for any type of loss; you can have a person’s name or title on the ornament. Click on the picture to link to the order page.


Another source of great holiday memorial gifts is Sympathy Solutions.

Keep this locket close as a reminder during the holidays your loved one is nearby. One side reads "Merry Christmas from Heaven" and one side reads "I am with you always.” Click on the picture to link to the order page.


You may also want to consider the gift of a book. “How Will I Get Through The Holidays?” offers 12 Ideas for Those Whose Loved One Has Died This assuring, consoling book is both easy to read and sure to help. Included are quotations from the ages that will validate your feelings and encourage your growth.