Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Releases Their Sunrise Review on Funeral Service Practitioners

On December 6, 2007 the State of Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) released their Sunrise Review on Funeral Service Practitioners.

• What did they find? The State cited several documentable incidents of harm to the public. In addition they wrote that, “In Colorado, approximately 18 percent of funeral service practitioners voluntarily achieve the required education and other requirements for certification by the CFSB.”(Colorado Funeral Service Board,

• What did they recommend? “Implement a registration program that requires a Funeral Director at each funeral establishment to register with the Division of Registrations. Require funeral service establishments to provide a disclosure statement informing consumers who to contact in the event they desire to file a formal complaint.”

• What does this mean? This is a clear victory for the consumer in Colorado, and a step in the right direction for Funeral Service Professionals. After over 20 years of no regulation, the State has finally admitted, in writing, that there is a need for consumer protection.

• What’s next? The bill’s sponsor, Representative Debbie Stafford, and a legislative committee of the Colorado Funeral Directors Association will meet to determine if the recommendations of DORA will be followed in the writing of a proposed bill; or if they will ignore the recommendation and introduce a bill which would require licensure of Funeral Service Practitioners, which is a level above what DORA recommended. End of Life Insights will keep you informed as the bill is introduced and the legislation moves forward.

You can read the complete DORA report here.