The Never Ending Lists of 2009

The Never Ending Lists of 2009

One can’t watch TV in the last few weeks of the year without seeing a never ending parade of lists. The best of this, the worst of that, the funniest, the best make-overs, on and on it goes.

I always rely on the CBS Sunday Morning Show for the list of notables who died in any given year, however this year the list was the longest I’ve ever watched. Almost for a full 20 minutes the stories were told of people whose life stories I knew well, some of whom I have never heard of, and some whom I didn’t know were even still alive (so I was surprised to hear they had died).

About 10 minutes into it, I thought, “I wish they would go to a commercial break so I can make my eggs, and get a fresh cup of coffee.” But on this list went. Suffice it to say there were other famous people who died this year along with Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze, and Farah Fawcett. Here’s a link to the video with the smooth narration of Charles Osgood naming off the accomplishments of these notables. Part I Part II

But the most comprehensive list I found on the web made me wonder, who is still alive?;contentBody

When I copied just the list, not the story, it took 14 pages of a word document to paste.

Perhaps that’s why I like the quietness of January; there are no lists, no high profile tragedies have occurred (yet), and the hope that 2010 will be a fantastic year with health and happiness is still preserved.