a funeral service professional

ThanaComm is designed to connect funeral home employees with a personalized company intranet; accessible anywhere, anytime, any place.

ThanaComm presents your staff with up-to-the-second information on your funeral home’s daily schedule, and puts many other human resources only a key stroke away.

Potential Intranet Features

All modules are scalable & customizable; choose
only the ones you want. It is best to think of them in two categories:
  1. Features you must have immediately to support the current climate of business communication and the organization as a whole, and
  2. Ongoing enhancements. You can also include any ideas you or your staff may have not on the list below.
  • Policies & Procedures Manual
  • Employee Benefits
  • State Laws
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Urn Inventory
  • Crematory (includes schedules)
  • Funeral Home Daily Schedule
  • CEU’s
  • Links to industry sites
  • OSHA Training
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Suggestion/Ideas Poll
  • Message Boards: Buy/Sell, Share Kudos
  • Funeral Home Outreach
  • Forms
  • Publications
  • Databases: Coroners, Hospitals, Hospices, Nursing Homes
  • Book Club
  • Open Positions
  • Human Resources
  • Organization Charts

A professional data center is far more secure than in-house solutions (like having a server sitting in a corner of the office) for a number of reasons.
  1. There is 24-hour monitoring & maintenance of all systems.  With 3 shifts of server administrators on duty -- there is always a technician on hand to deal with any maintenance issues as they arise.
  2. There are several levels of redundancy for all systems.  There are automated back-ups of servers' information.  If one server goes down, your site won't go offline for days or weeks at a time while you wait for a new hard drive to arrive, and for someone who knows how to install it (and as you know, hardware - like hard drives - DOES fail now and then... keeping your data on a single server in your own office amounts to relying on a time bomb).
  3. The data center is guarded 24-hours a day by alarm systems and security guards.  How many funeral homes can say the same?
  4. Your calendars and schedules can be exported and backed up by your staff as often as you want and stored at your offices.
  5. The website address will not be crawled (meaning it won’t be ranked, so it can’t be found) and will be known only to the staff at your funeral home.

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