Contributions for Your Favorite Charity - Nominate Your Charity in the Comments

I got this idea a few weeks ago reading my Real Simple magazine and an article on how people give back over the holidays. One reader wrote that she has a charity giveaway on her blog. Great idea!

So here’s the rules; Just hit the comment button below and nominate your favorite end of life non-profit organization. For every subsequent comment from another visitor agreeing with your nomination I will donate $1 to the charity with the most votes, up to $500. It can be a local, state, or national organization related to any end of life industry: funeral service, hospice, organ donation, grief and bereavement, burial assistance fund, military , mentor associations, or something I haven’t thought of. I’ll close the comments out on December 23rd , and let the voters choose the winner.

I reserve the right to deem any organization unsuitable for the contest. The charity must be a non-profit, and must be verifiable as legitimate. I won’t donate to any group that I morally or ethically oppose, such as an assisted suicide organization.

Make your nomination now and let’s see if we can raise $500 for your favorite end of life non-profit. Don’t forget to tell your friends and colleagues to vote too. You need them to win!

Cyber Monday

You’ve probably heard of Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when “crazy” people get up at 4am to get a good deal on a present, (the rest of us are in a “Turkey Coma” at 4am the day after Thanksgiving). So, Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving when people go back to work and shop for the great on-line deals.

There’s even a website dedicated to helping you plan out where you’ll shop on Monday, It gives the scoop on the deals of over 500 companies and what their on-line deals will be on Cyber Monday.

One of the companies listed,, believe it or not is selling caskets with free shipping on Cyber Monday. We really need to take the phrase, “Now I’ve heard it all” out of our vocabularies. If Costco can sell caskets I guess can too, but here’s some things you should know. Two of the caskets are rated with 5 stars, I find that hilarious, obviously the occupant didn’t rate it… or did he? Here’s the actual text from one of the five star rating reviews, “This is a nice casket very plush and it does not feel cramped inside, lots of leg room. I highly recommended this product.” It takes 2 days from the date of order to deliver the casket, but they don’t deliver on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays. And here’s the interesting part, caskets aren’t exempt from their return policy. I looked high and low on the site, read the fine print of what you can and can’t return, I went as far as “add to my basket”, but can’t find anything that says you can’t return a casket. You can’t return underwear to but you can return a casket. Does anyone else find that odd? Gross? Wrong? Pick an adjective.

So have fun shopping at work on Monday, and visit and even, just be sure to read the return policy on everything you buy, and make certain there is one.