With primary sponsorship by Representative Nancy Todd (D), the CFDA (Colorado Funeral Directors Association) has once again introduced a bill that would make changes to funeral service oversight in Colorado. What’s different this year? This year the bill was written with the collaboration of the CFDA, DORA (Department of Regulatory Agencies), SCI (Service Corporation International), and the new bill sponsor, Rep. Todd. With all interested parties in agreement this year, the bill is moving quickly through the House and has had no formal opposition to this point from either chamber.

HB09-1202 would in effect allow DORA to enforce the laws outlined in already existing statutes titled The Mortuary Science Code CR 12-54-101 – 109. For example, the 24 Hour Rule states that a body must be refrigerated, cremated, embalmed, or buried within 24 hours of death. HB09-1202 would provide the enforcement of that rule through DORA.

Two new rules that would be created within the bill state that Funeral Homes and Crematories must disclose to families that they can file a formal complaint against the facility with DORA; and requires that Crematories have a system in place to ensure the identity of the deceased throughout the cremation process and ultimate return of the cremated remains to the family.

How will this be funded? The fiscal note (which is currently being amended) would collect an initial $500 facility registration fee of all funeral homes and crematories in the state with an annual renewal fee of $300. A “Director in Charge” would be named for each facility as a contact person for DORA.

If passed, this bill would track the number of funeral homes and crematories existing in Colorado, provide enforcement of current laws which does not currently exist, and provide a State Agency for families with a grievance to file a formal complaint. It does not require licensure or registration of funeral service individuals, but does provide Title Protection regarding who can call themselves a Funeral Director, Embalmer, Cremationist, etc.