Night Funeral in Harlem - by Langston Hughes

In Celebration of Black History Month, here is a poem written by Langston Hughes (1902-1967). Enjoy this beautiful poem, and post your comments below.

Night Funeral In Harlem by Langston Hughes

Night funeral
In Harlem:
Where did they get
Them two fine cars?
Insurance man, he did not pay–
His insurance lapsed the other day–
Yet they got a satin box
for his head to lay.
Night funeral
In Harlem:
Who was it sent
That wreath of flowers?
Them flowers came
from that poor boy’s friends–
They’ll want flowers, too,
When they meet their ends.
Night funeral
in Harlem:
Who preached that
Black boy to his grave?
Old preacher man
Preached that boy away–
Charged Five Dollars
His girl friend had to pay.
Night funeral
In Harlem:
When it was all over
And the lid shut on his head
and the organ had done played
and the last prayers been said
and six pallbearers
Carried him out for dead
And off down Lenox Avenue
That long black hearse done sped,
The street light
At his corner
Shined just like a tear–
That boy that they was mournin’
Was so dear, so dear
To them folks that brought the flowers,
To that girl who paid the preacher man–
It was all their tears that made
That poor boy’s Funeral grand.
Night funeral
In Harlem.

A Valentine's Day Message from Ben Stein to His Late Wife

Ben Stein, former comedian and now political analyst on a multitude of shows taped this Valentine tribute to his wife for the CBS Sunday Morning Show. Although it is dated 2008, the message of love and loss, and living life without a loved one is timeless. He reminds us that although our love for one another is forever, our time on this earth is not.

Presidential Funeral Trivia - On Abraham Lincoln's 200th Birthday

In Celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s 200th Birthday this month, and President’s Day, Here are some little know presidential funeral facts:

  • Andrew Jackson’s parrot had to be removed from his funeral because it kept swearing!
  • The only two signers of the Declaration of Independence, Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both died on the same day, July 4, 1826, the 50th Birthday of our country.
  • Abraham Lincoln gave the eulogy at President Zachary Taylor’s funeral.
  • William Taft’s funeral was the first to be broadcast on the radio.
  • Andrew Johnson requested to be buried wrapped in an American Flag with a copy of the US Constitution under his head.
  • The only two presidents buried at Arlington National Cemetery are JFK, and William Taft.
  • Dwight Eisenhower was buried in his uniform in an Army casket.
  • Dying on April 15, 1865 Abraham Lincoln was not permanently buried until September 26, 1901. To end potential attempts to steal the body, his coffin was placed in a cage 10 feet deep encased in 4,000 pounds of concrete. His beloved son Willie is buried with him.